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Do you feel intimidated by dance classes? Do you feel bored by fitness classes? Want to learn and explore dance in a supportive environment that values creativity and personal expression?


Then CardioCreativity –an alternative to mainstream dancercize– is the place for you!


Enjoy watching dance on t.v. but not sure where to see it live? Ever attended a dance performance and left feeling like you didn’t get it?


CardioCreativity is a place where you can get to know dance from the inside!





















Your hosts Gabi and Nicole will lead you through an experience unlike anything you've ever seen. There will be wild music, hearty laughter, opportunities to create while also moving together in community with a bunch of other fun, friendly people.


This is an all levels class. No previous dance experience necessary. People who have felt discouraged from movement classes in the past due to size, age, ability or financial hardship are especially encouraged to join in. If you have specific concerns, don't hesitate to ask! 


Note: Parts of class may challenge assumptions you have about dance or even yourself. We will work through it together and will save time at the end of class to reflect and answer questions.



I'm interested! What do I need to do??


~Our 8 week series is over (Feb 17-April 7, 2014) however we hope to offer another series in the coming months. To stay informed of future classes email us.


-If you're interested in having us work with your specific group in a workshop setting, email us.  We work with all ages and ability levels.







Let's get smart and salty™


Week 1 - Root Chakra

Connecting to mother earth. Finding our power though stomping.  


Week 2 - Sacral Chakra

Healing sexual/creative energy. Plenty of Marvin Gaye. Create our own dances!


Week 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra

Wrestling with communication. Dealing with conflict and working out the tension with kicks, punches and self-defense dancing.


Week 4 - Heart Chakra.

Hasidic punk wedding music, lots of wine and celebration cookies without the commitment! (vegan and gluten free too)


Week 5 - Throat chakra.

Find your voice. Karaoke time!


Week 6 - Third Eye chakra.

Taping into our inner wisdom. Free psychic sessions and ecstatic dancing.


Week 7 - Crown Chakra

Connecting to the heavens. Fun with jumps! Levitation for beginners. (Photographer on the premise to capture the moment.)


Week 8 - Integration class

Putting it all together for the performance. Don't worry about having to put it all together. That's our job.



CardioCreativity in the News:


Art Attack, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance


What do the students say?

I felt totally comfortable and let loose more than I have in a long time. I felt myself in my body again and remembered how to use it.

Left first class singing out loud and a pep in my step.

It's a perfect mix of cerebral, physical and emotional activity.

The folk dancing was so beautiful the first day we did it, I wanted to weep for happiness. I admire the work you two wonderful women are doing, and think it is something important.

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